Our part of the project involved a large run of all-glass storefront framing, custom mirrors, custom patterned and back lit composite panels in both wall and ceiling locations, automatic sliding entrances, curved glass wall storefront, handmade mahogany doors with carved glass panels, handmade wood casement windows with pivoting hardware and field-applied vinyl decal patterns on the all glass storefronts.

This project was under construction while the casino remained open for business. Work continued in the occupied areas with appropriate safety measures and communication with the contractor. The nature of the project required a crew able to both install and troubleshoot design and logistical issues on the fly. This project, required custom- built solutions to provide the look and function asked for by the owner. This involved building wooden doors from rough-cut lumber, sourcing hand carved tempered glass to be, glazed into doors, LED lighting installed behind panels of different patterns to provide backlighting controlled remotely by the end user and hiring a specialty surveyor to provide three- dimensional measurements of existing conditions to ensure proper fitting of large, curved glass panels. The project schedule was compressed and multiple crews were working in different areas of the building concurrently. We also worked with many vendors to provide change order work based on the Owner’s requests throughout the duration of the project. This usually included expediting product orders based on availability and design constraints

Turning Stone Gaming Renovation
5218 Patrick Rd, Verona, NY
Oneida Indian Nation
The Hayner Hoyt Corporation.
Frisch-Scruton & Aggarwal Syracuse, NY
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