Johnson Graduate School is located at the Breazzano Family Center in  Ithaca’s Collegetown neighborhood.  This modern 76,000 square foot building is a private facility not owned and operated by Cornell University. It is used for business education and  has many classrooms, breakout rooms, 2 broadcast studios, and a 4 story atrium

Product used: Skyfold Zenith 60

This vertically folding wall can divide a large classroom in to 2 medium sized classrooms.  The 60STC provides the highest acoustical properties of any moveable wall in the market.  Both classrooms can hold classes at the same time without the interruption of unwanted noise.  This sleek wood veneer finish matches the wood paneling throughout the building.  Students attend this prestigious school from many different countries.  There is a translation booth located outside of the classroom that has the technology that provides the translation of the lectures in different languages.

Johnson Graduate School (Skyfold)
Ithaca, NY
The Johnson Graduate School of Management Cornell University
Haynor Hoyt
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