The Newark-Wayne Community Hospital is part of Rochester Regional Health.   It is a 120 bed hospital located in Newark, NY which is 1 hour east of Rochester and 1 hour west of Syracuse.  When the hospital had an addition built in 2017 they needed to protect the connecting corridor from fire and smoke.  These 2 Won-Door Fire Guard 90’s have an 1.5 hourly rating.  The wall that is 28′ long and 8′ high only takes up 3’10” of storage space.  The wall that is 22″ long and 8′ high only takes up 3′ 2” of storage space.

The architect was able to create an unobtrusive, yet code compliant corridor in the high visibility, high traffic lobby of this facility.





Newark-Wayne Community Hospital (Won-Door)
Newark, NY
Rochester Regional Health
DGA Builders
Clark Patterson Lee Rochester
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