This new library at Horseheads High School was part of the 94.6M Horseheads CSD District-wide capital improvement project. The project was named  “Horseheads 2030: Building Our Future Now”.

This high school is located in the Southern Tier Region of Central New York.  The natural light from the ceiling windows and open floor plan make this library very inviting.  The two Skyfold Premium 60 vertically folding walls provide plenty of flexible space and exceptional acoustics for the students to study alone, in small groups, or in a large classroom.  The larger wall separates 2 classrooms that can be used for teaching at the same time or opened into one large open conference space.  If the 2 classrooms are used at the same time, the teachers and students cannot hear any noise from the other classroom.  This is because these walls provide the best sound control (60STC) in the industry.

The smaller Zenith wall separates 2 small study rooms.  These wall can be opened up into to medium-size study area.

Horseheads High School New Library (Skyfold)
Horseheads, NY
Horseheads CSD
Lechase Construction
Hunt Architects + Engineers Horseheads, NY
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