The CHA Albany office recently went through a major renovation.  They added a whole new section of flexible space for meetings and training.  There are four small rooms that have 3  Modernfold Acousti-Seal Paired Panel operable partitions.  This space can be reconfigured to a few different sizes based on their needs.  The Modernfold Acousti-Clear glass wall system  at the front of the rooms has an STC of 51 which is an industry high for a glass wall system.   This use of space is efficient and has great acoustics, and aesthetics.

CHA added a  frosted adhesive to the inside of the glass to provide more privacy.   Modernfold does offer blinds that automatically deploy as an option to provide privacy and security.

Clough Harbor & Associates (Modernfold)
Albany, NY
Resenblum Industries
PDT Architects Porland, ME
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