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Replacement Windows

Whether you're looking to replace one or all of the windows in your home, BR Johnson has the options and expertise to complete your project.  We carry aluminum clad wood windows from Eagle, all wood windows from Norwood, and vinyl windows from Lockheed and Kasson & Keller.  Our newest offering is a line of super-insulating, high R-value fiberglass windows from SeriousWindows.  Our experienced sales staff will come to your home and present you with different options and recommendations for your special needs.  Installations done by our own BR Johnson crews.

New Construction versus Replacement Windows

When your home was first built, the windows were put in from the outside using a nailing flange on the side of the window.  This flange was then covered up by the trim around the window or the siding on the house.  In order to install new-construction windows now, the trim and siding need to be removed to expose this flange.  The interior casing/trim needs to removed as well.  The advantages of this are that you know the window will be insulated and weatherproofed properly and the new window will be the same size as the old.  The overall frame dimension of new construction windows match your home's wall depth, usually 4-9/16" for 2x4 construction or 6-9/16" for 2x6 construction.  Windows from all manufactures are available in special sizes to accomodate the replacement market.

Click here for an Eagle New Construction double hung window cross diagram.

Replacement windows fit into the existing window pocket.  The old sashes are removed and the new window slips into the opening.  Siding and trim on the exterior and interior are not disturbed.  This method should only be used if the existing window frame is intact and in "good shape".  The frame depth of a replacement window is 3-1/4" to fit into most existing double hung window pockets.  You do lose a little visible glass area with most replacement windows as they are smaller than the original window, but usually the amount is negligible.

Click here for an Eagle Retro-Fit Replacement double hung window cross diagram.










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